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Worshiping during Covid-19 may look different yet God is still the same.

Worship is not a place centered thing, nor is it a content centered thing, but rather a person centered thing.

The tearing of the veil in the temple, was not only God opening the way for worshippers to come into His presence, but also God moving out of the confines of a place. We would now become His dwelling place, His temple.

Wherever the believer is, that’s where worship happens. Our lives themselves become worship.

With that said, we must also understand how important corporate worship is to the individual believer, and to the Body. Corporate worship brings us into an atmosphere of inspiration, encouragement, challenge and spiritual training and fellowship. However, that aspect of worship has been temporarily ripped from us. I would then encourage you to find ways and times to have these “extraordinary encounters “ with God. Whether by yourself, or with your family, focus in on setting a time to meet with God and fix your attention on Him. Let it be a priority.

Soon, we’ll will back together, worshiping as a body. Between now and then, don’t miss opportunities to praise and worship the Almighty.

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