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Transformation / Metamorphasis

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

2 Cor. 5:17, Rom. 6:1-11, 12:1-2, Eph. 2:1-10.


Please read these verses of scripture:

2 Cor. 5:17, Rom. 6:1-11, 12:1-2, Eph. 2:1-10

What is the disconnect between the teachings of Jesus and the reality of life? What has changed from a church that "turned the world upside down" to a church that can barely, if at all, reach it's surrounding community?

After all, what could a Jesus of 2000 years ago say to a 21st century world?

What could a Jesus who taught "turn the other cheek" and "love those who persecute you" say to a world that lives according to the mantra, "I don't get mad, I get even"?

What could a Jesus, who walked, or rode a donkey everywhere he went, say to a world of automobiles, 200 MPH trains, transcontinental flight and space travel?

What could a Jesus who taught sitting on a hillside or by the seashore say to a world of instant messaging, email, twitter, face book and electronic evangelism?

How could a Jesus of simple robes and sandals speak to a world of Armani, Gucci and Versace?

How could a Jesus whose works, words and miracles had to be passed on by word of mouth, speak to a world of the 24 hour news cycle?

Jesus' claims were blasphemous to the religious leaders of His day.

His following was troublesome to the Roman Empire.

His life was a curiosity to many onlookers.

His words are interpreted, re-interpreted and mis-interpreted.

His teachings are both mesmerizing and polarizing.

His message was inspiring and challenging to His listeners.

He has been looked at with total admiration by many, cool indifference by others and down-right disdain by some.

Despite all of this, He still stands as the central figure of all human history. He still has the power to change mankind into His image and impact the world with transforming power. He truly is the only true God of all creation.

And we, the Church, have been called to communicate this God to the whole world. But, too often, we, as the church, have over promised and under delivered. The secular world sees us as being hypocritical and irrelevant. And in our present form, they just may be right. But the message of the church is not outdated nor irrelevant because of it's content, but because we, the messengers, too often fail to live up to it's power and intent. The church is God's way of touching the world,---- speaking to the world. But it has to be more than buildings, doctrines, institutions or programs. We have to be more than a political movement,--- we must be the voice of God. Instead of being held in contempt, we must, by our very nature and presence, become the world's moral conscience. To this church God says "go into all the world and proclaim this good news to every creature".

God has called us to a higher calling than just doing, He calls us to BEING!!

Jesus is life, He is truth, He is the light, He is the way---and He has called us to BE the same.

THERE MUST BE A METAMORPHOSIS, A TRANSFORMATION, A CHANGE, IN OUR LIVES. It must be more than a superficial, cosmetic change. It must be radical transformation.

The caterpillar starts its life out as an egg.

Then it becomes a caterpillar.

As a caterpillar its job is to eat and eat AND eat some more until it bursts out of its skin.

When it is mature, it stops eating and starts spinning a silken pad, called a chrysalis, all around itself.

Then it rests. During this special period of rest, dormant(sleeping) cells now become energized and turn into the wings, legs, eyes, and other parts of the adult butterfly.

It stays in this chrysalis for a long time. Some varieties stay inside for a whole year!

When God determines that it is ready, the former caterpillar slowly bursts out of its silken pad and is now a butterfly. It no longer has to crawl, it can now fly!

Related to spiritual life!!!!

Feeding Stage: Where we "take in" and "feed on" the scriptures, focusing on learning about God through Jesus. This is when our foundation is built.

Resting Stage: Where we digest what we have learned, meditate on God's character, stop to listen for His voice and start to trust Him and praise Him. This is where we learn what worship is.

Activity Stage: After being fed, and after resting in God's presence, we will be empowered with a new perspective on life and will desire from deep within to make a difference in our world. We will fly and God’s Spirit will be the wind that supports and sustains our flight. This stage can be compared to the journey of a faithful Christian. Our characters and personalities will be molded through hardship during this time. We will learn to "exercise" our faith during these times and our ability to trust God will become stronger and stronger. If we had no struggles to overcome, our faith would be flabby!

God has not called us to be earth-bound in our relationship to Him, but to soar in our service to Him. He has not called us to change old habits or to just be good people, but to be transformed people.He desires to make all things new.

This is the only way we can impact and change our world.

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