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Moments In Time

It’s strange, isn’t it, how seemingly small, insignificant things can catch our attention. Things that normally we wouldn’t notice. Things that are there every day, yet we seem not to take note of them. But then, all of a sudden, there they are, filling our senses; subtle little nuances that seem to trigger emotions from pretty deep places. I find that happening quite often of late.

Ever since Dreama went to be with the Lord, there are so many little things that demand an emotional response. A song, a note from a good friend, a pair of sunglasses, a key, a hummingbird feeding out on the deck. Each of these solicit a reaction. It may be a smile, a tear, or maybe even a chuckle. But regardless of the reaction, it always brings a flood of memories, memories for which I am thankful, because it keeps her close.

It caused me to think, wouldn’t it be great if we could slow life down to where these things could be enjoyed with our loved ones before they become only memories. Dreama enjoyed “making memories.” But making memories suggests that we savor the moment as it’s happening, rather than relegating it to a later time simply to be remembered.

When Dreama and I would sit on our deck, we

loved to watch the hummingbirds feed. Now, when that memory asserts itself, I remember not only the event, but our joy in sharing it together at that moment. Memories should be more than just remembering events, but should be joy, excitement and passion revisited.

Now this may sound like the ramblings of guy whose life has been totally and forever changed. But moments of time with those whom we love, are way too precious and fragile to be taken for granted. Part of grieving is wishing we had those moments back and could once again embrace them, if only for an instant.

I would encourage you to enjoy all the little things that make up your your life, and not take them for granted or let them slip by. Find the joy in all that you can. Store them back, and at the right time, they will serve you well.

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