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I think we would all agree that life has become quite complicated. Having to stay at home for this time is, to say the least, difficult. With the kids home from school and the parents home from their jobs, I would imagine your house is getting smaller and smaller. Little problems become big problems so much quicker, and every time you turn around, someone is in your space. If the virus doesn’t kill you, your family will.

Let’s escape for a moment to an incident in the life of Jesus. Maybe by looking at it for a moment, we can find rest in the midst of the chaos.

It’s found in Luke 10:38-42. I would like to zero in on verse 42.

Can you for a moment put yourself in Mary and Martha’s place. Jesus, the Messiah, is coming to your house. And in a culture where hospitality is vital to your reputation, the pressure was really on. The house had to be spotless, the meal had to be perfect, everyone had to be on their best behavior. Jesus is coming to your house. I can imagine that things were rather tense.

Well, Jesus arrives with His followers and takes His place. And what do you know, Mary sits down right in front of Him to listen to His words. Her sister, Martha, was busy serving everyone (you know, you’ve got to keep your reputation in tact). Then Martha does something that is totally understandable to many of you, she got short tempered. But, unfortunately, she got sideways with Almighty God. Well, at least you haven’t gone that far, or have you? I digress.

She came to Jesus with a blustery spirit, wondering why He was overlooking her plight. Jesus’ response was quick, and perhaps even sharp, but very revealing.

He said to her, “Porro unum est necessarium,” meaning "still there is one thing necessary." He was talking to her about simplicity. Even though life gets complicated on its own, we still make it more complex than it needs to be. God help us focus in on the things that are truly essential, and just flow with the things that are not. Some things are eternal and some are just stuff. Martha had put stuff ahead of the essential. Simplify.

Notice what Jesus said next.

“Mary has chosen the good part.”

Before I go any further, let me chase a rabbit. She “chose” the good part. A lot of your responses over the next few days or weeks will be your choices. Sometimes we bring greater grief and stress on ourselves by making bad choices. Slow down, take a breath and choose the good part.

Ok, back to the story. What was the good part? It was fellowship with Jesus. What’s more vital than that? Find time during these days to sit at the feet of the Master. Make the choice.

Then Jesus says something really powerful, “It will never be taken away from her.”

The perfect meal will soon turn to dirty dishes and the clean house will need cleaning again. None of the stuff lasts forever, but time at the feet of Jesus will have eternal value.

I don’t in any way want to diminish what may be going on at your house, but I would encourage you to attend to those things that need attention, but don’t neglect the vital things that are calling for your attention, things that you will still have long after this time is over.

  • Simplicity

  • Fellowship

  • Permanence

I pray God’s richest blessings on your household.

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2 comentarii

10 mai 2020

Thanks again Phil, it gets way to easy to lose focus, very timely!


Stewart Farley
Stewart Farley
10 mai 2020

Great word Phil. I’m guilty with doing the small stuff.

I needed this today.

Thank you

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