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Please forgive my bluntness for the next couple of minutes as you read. Even though I ask for forgiveness, I am making no apologies.

We are living in a very complex and noisy world. It seems to be a world whose fuse is getting shorter and shorter. We tend to find ourselves anxiously waiting for the next shoe to drop. People are being pulled in so many different directions that we don’t know what to believe, where to go for answers, or who to trust. These voices are getting louder, and the causes that they represent are getting more radical as each day passes.

As this unfolds, the church is cast into the middle of the turmoil, and many times embattled by it.

The thing that disturbs me most is that we, the church, have lost our focus and our courage. Followers of Christ are running around caught up in all the turmoil. Between viruses, and conspiracies, and cultural and

economic unrest, the Body of Christ has been sucked into all the chaos. We are acting no different than the world as we have taken our eyes off of Jesus. It seems as if we are so consumed with all that’s going on, that we are being driven by the nightly news instead of the Word of God. We have allowed ourselves to become fearful of the unknown rather than trusting the God whom we have known as a helper and deliverer. So much of our energy and attention has been given to these issues that we have allowed them to change the paradigm of our thinking from God-centered to issue-centered. In doing so, many have lost sight of some essential elements that help us in our faith walk.

We have a high, majestic, eternal calling as God’s church. Let’s not be deterred or distracted from our task by all the “stuff “ that’s going on around us.I would encourage anyone reading this to focus in on Jesus, and not let the storms that are whirling around us, draw you away from our Lord.

Please keep in mind, that we, the church, are not called to fix the world, but to redeem it. My prayer is that God will give us faith and courage to face this world, and it’s problems, and not let them pull us away from The Faith.

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Feb 06, 2021

This is the truth. Thanks for writing this Phil. Your bluntness is welcome.


Feb 06, 2021

Great word Phil nothing to ask for forgiveness for here.

This need to be said LOUDER and LOUDER because its the Truth and its sets us free.

Thank you!!

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